Burton Albion defender Stephen Warnock said that his team still needs to improve if they are going to win games. Indeed the team has been scoring goals for fun in their last matches, but they have also been conceding too many goals at the back.

Stephen Warnock said that the team should find the right balance between defence and attack if they are going to climb up the table.

Warnock said that early in the season they were keeping a lot of clean sheets but could not manage to score goals. This was preventing them from winning games. He said that this time around things has changed. They are scoring goals, but they are conceding too many games at the back.

He believes that the team will need to find the right balance between attack and defence. He said that very often the players want to score goals and forget about keeping their discipline at the back. This causes them to concede too many goals and cause them to lose game.

Warnock said they want to win games at home and that they have a bit of pressure from fans to go and attack the opposition in home games. However, this can cause some problem at the back if the players do not track back and help the defence.

The Burton Albion defender believes that the team must be a bit more disciplined at the back and that the midfielders as well as the team, in general, should take responsibility for defending as a unit.

He believes that there is some good players in the team and that they have the potential to have good season, but it will all depend on their discipline as well as their commitment on the pitch. He said that it is not good to score 2 goals only to concede four at the back.