Warnock wants to help Burton Albion

Stephen Warnock is one of Burton Albion’s summer signings as the English defender completedhismovefromWigan Athletic overto the English Championship club on June 26 of the ongoing year.

The 35 year old player has recently gone through a very forgettable season with his former club Wigan Athletic as he was appointed as the captain but they suffered relegation and Warnock has now decided to join a new club with hopes of helping them not suffer the same consequences as his former team.

“You have always got to aim to survive. Like I say before, the clubs who are up at the top, you’ve probably got a top-10 of clubs who are going to spend a lot of money to try to get out of the division. I don’t think you’ll see Burton spending the type of money that the Aston Villas of the world are going to be spending. You know you have got to get a team spirit within the group and get as many honest lads in as you can.

During the previous English League Championship season of 2016-17, Burton Albion just barely avoided the bottom relegation after collecting 52 points, just 1 more point that Blackburn Rovers which were relegated in that season.

Warnock is hoping that he can help his new club in adding more points on a consistent basis and hopefully not have to go through such an intense and relegation threatened season.

Whether or not Burton Albion are able to avoid relegation once again is something only time will tell but Warnock is motivated to make it happen as the veteran player does not want to suffer the same destiny that his former club Wigan Athletic experienced.